2017 VC Investment Landscape

Innovate Finance’s 2017 VC FinTech investment landscape provides investors, startups and the wider FinTech ecosystem the data to understand trends and capital flows as the FinTech market evolves. Overall figures suggest that the UK has had its best year on record and was a global leader in terms of capital invested and deal volume, second only to the US.

Key Findings

  • The UK experienced its best year on record with $1.8bn of VC investment, up 153% on 2016
  • The UK ranked second globally in both total Capital Invested and Deal Volume, behind the United States
  • TransferWise, OakNorth, Funding Circle, Interactive Investor and Monzo led the top 5 top UK deals in the range of $90M to $280M of investment
  • There were 10 Innovate Finance members in the top 20 UK deals.
  • Global FinTech attracted $14.2BN of VC investment 2017 saw 1,842 deals a 18% decrease YoY.

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