Doreming UK Launch: Reimagining HR Journey for Shift & Task-based Economy facing the Post-Pandemic New Normal

By Doreming UK



We are pleased to announce that following a successful pilot with multiple London-based clients, our first-in-the-market type of integrated HR platform for workforce management and payroll outsourcing is now available to UK SMEs.

With Doreming, shift & task-based SMEs can now drastically automate HR processing and significantly reduce associated costs and time, while promoting digitisation and staff engagement. All platform fees will be waived for businesses affected by the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The “shift & task-based economy” is rapidly expanding globally. Not a day passed without hearing about gig workers, zero-hours contract or juggling-multiple-jobs lifestyle. However, HR & payroll management for SMEs is hugely underperforming, especially in such sectors like retail and hospitality, or agencies and umbrella companies working with contractors and freelancers.

Unlike enterprises with customised internal systems, SMEs are still manually managing shift or project for their staff members, wasting time by emailing spreadsheets internally and externally, ripped off by costly payroll outsourcing services relying on decades-old practices, that are not only prone to errors, but also add little value.

Moreover, we are already living in the post-pandemic new normal. Out of blue, businesses are now rushed to transform themselves – how to promote cost-cutting, digitisation, workplace hygiene and staff engagement (even on a remote basis) all at one-shot?

Doreming UK: Product Demo – Watch Here

Doreming, is the only end-to-end HR platform from workforce management to payment processing, built specifically for shift & task-based businesses, yet affordable enough for SMEs.

Businesses will get access to a full suite of workforce management solutions, plus seamless payroll outsourcing service to Doreming’s partner accountants, all-inclusive at as little as £2 pp/pm (ex. VAT). Do more, yet cheaper.

With Doreming, harnessing the power of automation by HRtech & Fintech, businesses can now drastically streamline HR processing and significantly reduce associated costs and time, while promoting digitisation, hygiene and staff engagement at workplaces, or even remotely.

  • Businesses can now enjoy our intuitive system solutions including shift & project management, leave & expense management, clock-in/out & e-timesheet, access control with custom permission, staff self-service mobile app, and also seamless payroll outsourcing service to Doreming’s partner accountants and HR consultants. No paper, email, spreadsheet, or timesheet swamp at the end of every month any more.

  • Payroll professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers can now efficiently run data validation and payroll calculations within our cloud-based platform. Moreover, since Doreming is capable of initiating payments directly from the platform on a real-time basis, professionals can now flexibly manage bank transfer to employees or tax payment to HMRC on behalf of their clients. No manual input/upload, human error, bank file handling, physical equipment, costly BACS bureau status, or 3-day waiting period anymore.

  • Staff members can not only submit shift and leave requests, check approved tasks and track evaluation through Doreming’s self-service app, but also can access to a suite of ethical financial wellbeing solutions, starting from wage advance (Doreming does not provide funds: it’s from employers). Exciting updates & partnerships to be announced very soon!

We also announced a campaign in our fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic. All platform fees will be waived for businesses affected by the physical closure of stores or offices.

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Junki Yoshifusa, UK CEO of Doreming, commented:

“In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, we are pleased to contribute a brand-new solution, specifically developed to alleviate the pain points of the most heavily-hit demographic: SMEs and their workers.”

“Our existing clients are all keen to implement this solution while preparing their post-lockdown strategy. As we are gradually reopening the nation, it’s the best timing to review back-office operational efficiency and its cost-effectiveness.

“Digitisation, hygiene and staff engagement has never been important than now, when we are getting back to work facing the new normal. We are keen to help hard-working businesses and their precious people, and to support them navigate through this unprecedented time.”

About Doreming:

Doreming is a Japanese HRtech/Fintech startup providing an HR management platform to empower hard-working businesses and their precious people. The team has assembled following two catastrophic earthquakes and the last financial crisis. Founded as a force for social good, our mission is to realise a world where diligent work ethics pays off, and everyone can find their own “Do-Re-Mi steps”.