FinTech Space

FinTechSpace, instructed by Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan (FSC) and co-funded by its private wing Taiwan Financial Service Roundtable (TFSR), is the first fintech-focused co-working space in Taiwan, and a tech-based environment to stimulate and accelerate the latest fintech innovation. 

Launched in 2018, with support from domestic and international governments, financial & fintech industries, as well as academia sectors, FinTechSpace offers Accelerator Program, Regulatory Clinic, Digital Sandbox, and Global Connection.

Currently, there are 80+ organisations has residing in/partnered with FinTechSpace, including Startups, Financial institutions, Technology Companies, and Academy. Among of them, there are over 60% are FinTech Startups, consists with Wealth Management, Lending, Payment, Blockchain, Insuretech, Cyber Security, and Regtech.