High Growth Innovator

Business Lending


ClearCo’s mission is to empower founders around the world with the tools required to grow their business. We help founders write their stories by providing them with the capital, insights, and resources they need to accelerate their trajectory. Our core product, a merchant cash advance, is positioned as a tailor-made, fast, and affordable option for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to scale their companies. We offer funding up to $10M for a flat fee of 6-12.5%, recouped through a revenue share model. In addition to other financial solutions, we also provide founders with data-driven insights to understand their current position amongst their competitors and utilize their capital in a growth-optimized manner.

ClearCo has provided capital to thousands of companies using proprietary software and data science models to identify high-growth funding opportunities. This data-driven approach takes the bias out of decision making. ClearCo has funded 8x more female founders than traditional VCs, and has invested in over 3,300 eCommerce companies across Canada, the USA, and the UK to some of the fastest-growing consumer brands today, like Public Goods, Nectar Sleep, and UNTUCKit.