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Compliancy Services is one of the UK's leading independent providers of compliance consultancy and regtech services. 

Our award winning services help firms that are subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority to become authorised, manage their ongoing compliance and regulatory obligations and empower their staff with focused compliance training.

We focus on defined industry sectors, that include  Asset Management; Banking; Capital Markets; Claims Management; Consumer Credit; Cryptocurrency; FinTech; Insurance; Mortgages; Payment Services and Wealth Management. What makes us stand out is the skill and expertise of our team, which includes ex-regulators, industry practitioners and subject matter experts. Through the breadth and depth of their collective expertise and experience we offer an outstanding service, interpreting the regulations, providing practical, usable advice and solutions that work for your business and the regulator - and ensuring that compliance makes a positive contribution to your business.

Specialist consultant led services helping to minimise the regulatory burden and using technology to reduce the cost of compliance, provide transparency and traceability and deliver management information that enables more informed risk and compliance management decisions.

It's a proven formula, we've successfully managed more than 1,100 new FCA applications and over 600 firms rely on our ongoing compliance support and guidance.

Key Factsheets:

FCA Licence Options for Fintechs

If you’re a fintech thinking about applying for a UK financial services licence then this Factsheet will help you understand some of the main options available and to scope your application project.

Payments Compliance Factsheet

Payment services firms need to be aware of the compliance obligations of the Payment Services Regulations 2017. To help them understand their obligations, Compliancy Services has produced this useful checklist.

Team Members

Ben Mason

Executive Chairman, Compliancy Services

Phillip Naughton

Joint CEO, Compliancy Services Ltd


Compliancy Services recruit new Prudential Services Director from Buzzacott