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Digital currency / Blockchain


CurveBlock: Financial, Social, Environmental & Sustainable Impact.

Democratisation of construction & renewable energy-positive houses.

TECH-FOR-GOOD: Meeting 9 of the 17 U.N. Sustainability Goals, ESG.

FINANCIAL INCLUSION: CurveBlock’s FinTech platform is aiming to make the public the primary financial beneficiary of the construction industry, via the construction and profits from CurveBlock’s Net Zero Energy Positive Real Estate Developments.

SUSTAINABILITY: Via the Integration of various renewable energy technologies within a CurveBlock MMC house, we are pushing the boundaries towards a carbon negative future and better world.

FINTECH: Using centralised, compliant cryptography over private nodes pegged to GBP allows CurveBlock to digitise and fractionalised ownership of construction's future profits, potentially kickstarting the worlds largest ever wealth shift and for the good of humanity.

ECONOMY: A recession viable internal liquidity business model with potential to stimulate the economy where other businesses fail during economic downturns.

PHILANTHROPY: 5% of profits from every home built will be donated to CurveBlock-Helps, our to be established non profit arm of CurveBlock which will use the donations to assist with the current housing crisis and homeless issues, all voted for and controlled by the CurveBlock community.

MISSION STATEMENT: "A CurveBlock built 3 bedroom home, will not only have zero energy bills, but will generate enough surplus energy to drive an electric car up to 20,000 miles a year"