Five Islands Capital

Startup Innovator

Banking, Digital currency / Blockchain, Capital Markets, Money Transfers and FX, Payments, RegTech, SaaS


Five Islands Capital Limited is the parent company of a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in the UK, Croatia and the UAE (collectively “5i”). It has developed a proprietary modular, end-to-end blockchain based technology stack which can be utilised for both retail and enterprise financial, trading and payments applications. It fully owns all the tech and IP.

Connect, Protect & Empower: People and Communities are at the core of our business philosophy.

5i is now ready to launch its first retail product which democratises access to capital markets and payments but utilises tokenisation and blockchain - rather than merely facilitating digital brokerage; this enables us to provide unique USP's to customers and process micro-transactions in a scalable and cost effective way. The company has utilised blockchain because it enables the frictionless transfer of value and provides operational cost efficiencies and USP's for customers. We believe it has huge potential to “disrupt the disruptors” in the rapidly changing global financial services market. We also see this technology as absolutely transformative to widening access, breaking down barriers to socio-economic inclusion - especially in emerging economies - and driving product transparency and customer value.