Institute for Information Industry

International FinTech Hub



Institute for Information Industry (III) is the Digital Transformation Enabler in Taiwan. III aims to promote information communication technology innovation and applications in Taiwan, and to assist in the development of the digital economy. As a government think tank and an industry consultant, III has observed and analyzed the development trends of global industries and markets for a long time. While providing real-time industrial decision-making and intelligence services for the industry, III also regularly puts forward various technological and industrial policy recommendations for the government. Furthermore, Digital Service Innovation Institute of III expands its domain to financial industry as the implementer of FinTechSpace. FinTechSpace, instructed by Financial Supervisory Commission of Taiwan (FSC) and co-funded by its private wing Taiwan Financial Service Roundtable (TFSR), is the first fintech-focused co-working space in Taiwan, and a tech-based environment for stimulating and accelerating the latest fintech innovation. FinTechSpace has been dedicated in expanding the network/connections throughout the worldwide fintech industry.