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KYP is an Enterprise Risk Intelligence Platform that addresses the urgent market need for continuous monitoring and equips businesses with the powers for action on third-party risk. In our interconnected world, businesses must protect themselves and have confidence in the partners, suppliers and providers their businesses rely on. KYP's Risk Intelligence Platform delivers a data orchestration solution, accessible through an easy-to-use graphic interface delivered through analysis of DarkWeb, Adverse Media, PEPs, Sanctions, Credit Scores, Cyber Risk and Insolvency Checks.
Failure to assess third-party risks can expose businesses to supply chain issues, data breaches and reputational damage, and can ultimately lead to a business's demise.
KYP is different. Our Risk Intelligence Platform delivers a complete picture of the partners, suppliers and providers a business relies upon. KYP then combines this data and intelligently connects it together with our unique AI and Machine Learning resulting in connections other solutions are missing.
Protect Your Business. Know Your Partner


KYP Launches 3rd Party Enterprise Risk Intelligence Platform