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OVHcloud is the leading cloud hyperscaler in Europe and has been a cloud and infrastructure provider for over 20 years, with more than 1.5 million customers worldwide served by 31 global water-cooled data centres.

The OVHcloud Startup Program has been running since 2015 and helped more than 1800 startups. This year it has launched gloablly with a new and exciting offering that includes a program for scaleups with access of up to €100,000 in cloud credits and 20 hours of solution architecture support. The improved Program also provides access to a wider variety of products and services across all our Program levels. Whether you need to host your first website or deliver a FinTech app using sensitive payment data, OVHcloud can provide a cloud solution for you that delivers the best price/performance ratio on the market and scales effortlessly as you grow. We deliver Open Trusted Cloud solutions that provide the freedom for you to grow your startup without the burden of hidden costs or having to keep up with the evolution of your hardware technology. We do it all for you, so you avoid any unnecessary costs.

The Program has two levels: Start and Scale.

For startups:
The Start level is for those with a great idea - they might be building their first (or tenth) MVP or looking for trusted and cost-efficient infrastructure to start in the early stages of their business. They might be searching for partners to support them.

For scaleups:
The Scale level is for those who are disrupting their sector or challenging the status-quo. They might be looking for the optimal infrastructure and network to scale rapidly or aiming to break into new markets.