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Open Banking


Ozone API offers the open API technology and expertise needed to shape the future open data economy. We help banks and financial institutions deliver great APIs and enable enablers to unlock the power of open finance and open data to accelerate commercial growth, innovation and positive change in society. And we want to make sure the foundations are strong.
Ozone API started by developing a reference implementation for the UK Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) – essentially the model example of how to build to the standard. From there, we created an API platform that helps banks and financial institutions deliver great, standards-based open APIs which handle the complexity of open banking and open finance.
The Ozone API software allows banks to be fully aligned to open finance standards in markets around the world. We can enhance any account provider’s existing technology, enable regulatory compliance, and provide them with the right tools to go way beyond compliance and drive real commercial growth.
Ozone API powers open banking implementations of over 50 banks and financial institutions across the world, with a strong footprint in the UK, Europe, Latam and the Middle East with clients such as Tide and Monese. For more information, visit