Did the Kalifa Review go far enough to address financial inclusion, sustainability and truly transform fintech?

Date: 21 April 2021

Time: 10:00

Location: UK FinTech Week 2021


The Kalifa Review set out a strategic approach to fintech that promotes market growth and international competitiveness. While a strategic approach to developing the UK’s fintech sector is necessary, fintech will only create meaningful change, and truly transform financial services, if everyone can benefit from it. Did the Kalifa Review do enough to achieve this?

The Finance Innovation Lab believes that the Kalifa Review is inadequate and missed a golden opportunity to map a new path that transforms fintech to promote democracy, sustainability, justice and resilience. In response to the Kalifa Review, the Lab presented five asks of government to take into account when responding to the review and implementing recommendations:

1. Involve civil society and consumer groups

2. Prioritise financial and digital inclusion

3. Protect people’s data

4. Promote a diversity of business models

5. Support the existing physical infrastructure

As part of UK FinTech Week, this event will bring together civil society organisations, policymakers, regulators and the Lab community to discuss how the government can respond to the Kalifa Review in a way that ensures the future of finance works for all.

Speakers include
Lord Holmes, Vice-Chair APPG FinTech,
Dr Kay Swinburne, Vice Chair of Financial Services, KPMG (policy lead for Kalifa Review)
Marloes Nicholls, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Finance Innovation Lab.

The event will be interactive and participatory, with plenty of opportunity for you to share your input and ideas and connect with other community members too.

If you’d like to attend, please request an invite by emailing yvonne@financeinnovationlab.org

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