Payout performance without exception

Date: 21 April 2021

Time: 16:15 - 17:00

Location: UK FinTech Week 2021


open invitation

It’s no secret that the fintech ecosystem consists of some of the world’s most agile, innovative and technologically sophisticated businesses. But the reality bites pretty quickly when fintechs are faced with interacting with the rest of the world and the legacy systems on which almost everything else still runs. Payments rails have been a notoriously complex area to improve, despite the obvious need for optimization. For insuretechs, lending, wealth or crypto investment apps and other fintech models, untrackable funds and slow disbursements can lead to voided pay-outs triggering exceptions. What follows is a painful combination of added costs, frustration and further delay. At last, Fintech businesses are starting to reap the benefits of improved disbursement payments capabilities. This session looks at why payments’ speed and security are two sides of the competitive edge that all fintechs seek as they strive to cut through, and keep growing.

Moderated by
Alex Hamilton, Deputy Editor, Fintech Futures 

Wolfgang Bardorf, Head of Treasury,
James Herbert, CEO, Hastee