Anton Ruddenklau

Partner & Head of Digital & Innovation Financial Services Lead Partner – KPMG

Anton Ruddenklau Partner & Head of Digital & Innovation Financial Services Lead Partner – Google

“I advise advises banks on strategy, growth and innovation. He specialises in Business, Corporate, Institutional Banking and market infrastructure providers.

Anton has led or worked on over 150 growth projects across Corporates and Financial Institutions with the highlights being: Sales Transformation

  • Multiyear sales transformations for corporate banking, transaction banking & technology firms, sales effectiveness reviews and sales training projects across Global and Middle Market Corporates
  • Business and operating model development for market infrastructure providers covering Sales, Client Service, Product and Business Development – driven by market and regulatory change Digital & Innovation
  • Development of strategies for digital across Retail, Wealth and Corporate & Institutional segments
  • The launch of new digital first businesses in the Mass Affluent Banking, Consumer and B2B domains
  • Assessment and design of Innovation programmes for global banks and market infrastructure providers covering Ventures, Client Outreach, Internal programmes and tooling
  • Assessment and strategy design for emerging payment models including mobile, non cash and closed loop models, cryptography/ blockchain and marketplaces/ exchange models
  • Design and execution of new digital propositions for global Retail, Commercial and Corporate businesses
  • Development and execution of propositions for Liquidity, Supply Chain and Working Capital Management Strategy Development
  • Strategy development for Corporate & Institutional businesses including Global Markets, Payments & Cash Management, Trade and Supply Chain Services, Investment Management and segment strategies for SME, Middle Market and Large Corporates
  • Development of corporate strategic initiatives such as International Mobility, Innovation, Network Coverage, Regulatory Strategy and Strategy Execution
  • Post GFC strategy projects covering post Lehmans market analysis for a global bank, impact assessment of regulatory change on economic and banking development, design of government initiatives to improve credit supply to the market Client Strategy
  • Client strategy projects covering participation, proposition design, pricing strategy, annual and client planning
  • Design, development and leadership of global client feedback programmes to improve client engagement with banks, including the associated development for client advisory boards and client scorecards
  • Development and execution of market and client segmentation models moving to dynamic “needs based” approaches across banking, digital consumer and traditional consumer domains Regulation
  • Projects covering KYC, Bribery Act, FATCA, DFA/ Volcker, SEPA and the PSD Prior to working in financial services, Anton worked on growth projects with Corporates.