Brett Shanley

CEO & Founder, Knoma

Brett Shanley is the CEO & Founder of Higgler, which provides students with a revolving digital wallet and marketplace for lifelong learning. The business is tackling the ever growing digital skills gap as the economy transitions into a digital, data ecosystem, which estimates suggest could cost the UK’s GDP £142bn over the next 10 years. Higgler is launching in August 2019 in the UK, where Brett will be drawing upon his previous experience as the CEO & Founder of Study Loans, an Australian based FinTech, which was the first dedicated private providers of student loans. The business utilised over 40 years of education and financial data to provide a specialist product and credit engine for people seeking finance for education. Brett grew this business to over 15 full-time members of staff, +150 education providers utilising the platform, whilst also successfully closing a $50m debt facility with a major ASX-200 listed bank. Prior to moving into the FinTech space, Brett worked in investment banking having started his career with Nomura Investment Bank on the equity trading floor. Brett holds a MA from the University of Cambridge and is extremely passionate about empowering students with sound financial options and equipping people for the future of work.