Deanna Oppenheimer

Founder, CameoWorks

Deanna Oppenheimer is founder of CameoWorks. Recognized globally as one of the most influential
leaders in financial services, she’s a turnaround strategist known for her ability to transform entrenched
institutions into forward thinking, customer-centric champions.

Deanna is currently serving as non-executive director for the following publicly-listed companies in the
UK: Chair of Hargreaves Lansdown, a FTSE-100 financial services company; Tesco PLC (senior
independent director); Whitbread (remuneration chair). She also sits on the private boards of Seattle-
based Joshua Green Corporation and Vettd. The firm advises BECU, and is also a senior adviser to Bain
Consulting’s global financial services practice and West Monroe Partners’ customer experience team
and several CEOs of early-stage private companies.