Dominic Morley

Member Marketing Lead

Q. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role at Innovate Finance

A. As our Member Marketing Lead I ensure all of the news, research and stories that our members share with us are amplified across all of our channels. Consequently a core part of my role is managing our social media channels. When I’m not doing all things Marketing I work alongside our Business Development team, speaking with prospective members and letting them know a little bit more about Innovate Finance and the work that we do.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time away from work?

A. I’ve always been massively into my sports since a young age so outside of work I enjoy playing a lot of tennis and golf. I took up tennis when I was three so I’ve been playing that nearly all my life – unfortunately I think I peaked when I was about 5. Outside of sports I enjoy relaxing with friends and family, cooking a nice meal and sticking my feet up in front of the TV.

Q. What are some of your favourite things about working in FinTech? 

A. There are a number of fantastic things about working in FinTech, but there are two aspects that certainly stand out. The level of innovation in the industry is immense and gives you the opportunity to learn about new technologies that you wouldn’t even know existed otherwise. Secondly the people are fantastic with everyone holding the same aspirations of seeing FinTech flourish and continue to grow over the coming years and well into the future.

Q. You can invite any 3 people to your dinner party. Who do you choose and why?


  • Roger Federer – Who wouldn’t want to invite arguably the greatest sportsman of all time to their dinner party?
  • Tom Cruise – Always enjoyed listening to him on Graham Norton and must have some incredible stories to share. Also he’s currently in the UK so it makes logistics a little easier.
  • Jennifer Aniston – I must have watched every Friends episode about 5 times and still don’t get tired of watching it. Would love to learn more about their time on set and hear some of the best stories.