Dr Leda Glyptis

CEO, 11:FS Foundry

Leda is CEO of 11:FS Foundry, a modular, fully digital core built with banks and for banks to enable the creation of fully digital propositions.

Prior to joining 11:FS Leda served as Chief Innovation Officer at QNB and held a series of roles in IT innovation and operations and BNY Mellon.

Leda is an unreformed geek and recovering banker, a renowned speaker, writer (#LedaWrites every Thursday), and academic in the banking and FinTech ecosystem.

What is it about FinTech that excites you?

FinTech represents a moment in time for the financial services ecosystem when the technology at our disposal allowed us to re-imagine the human experience when it comes to all aspects of money.

What do you envisage being the biggest development in FinTech in the next 5 years?

Hyper-personalisation of all services and products.

What do you enjoy doing in your time away from work?

Read, travel, spend time with friends and family.

What is the biggest change that you have witnessed in the sector over the past 12 months?

Innovation activity is moving closer to the heart of the business, away from stand-alone experiments on the fringes as low hanging fruit has been harvested and learnings are being applied to thornier questions.

Who would be your top 3 dinner party guests and why?

  • Linda Colley
  • Neil De Grasse Tyson
  • Neil Gaiman