Iliyana Solakova

Events Manager

Q. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself and your role at Innovate Finance

A. My name is Iliyana and I’m originally from a small town called Asenovgrad in Bulgaria. I’m the Events Manager at Innovate Finance and have been with the company for almost 5 years. I manage the calendar of event activities throughout the year and I’m responsible for the planning and execution of over 50 events that we run annually. I am also delighted to be a part of the core team that organises and delivers the biggest UK FinTech event of the year – the Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) and UK FinTech Week.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time away from work?

A. I’m a big wellness enthusiast and I love reading books and listening to podcasts on the topic of food as a medicine or healthy lifestyle in general. I love spending time in nature, cooking healthy recipes and playing with my two years old daughter. P.S. I have a hidden talent of singing, but my stage fright is real.

Q. What are some of your favourite things about working in FinTech?

A. I love the breadth and depth of knowledge I’m constantly exposed to organising events in the fintech industry. I think it’s a real privilege to be part of a sector that forms such an integral part of our lives and has a huge impact on the traditional ways of doing business in the financial sector. Being a part of  such an amazingly talented team at IF for almost 5 years now has just been a dream.

Q. You can invite any 3 people to your dinner party. Who do you choose and why? or What are your 10 most frequently used emojis?

A. The 3 people I choose to invite to my dinner would be Dean Graziosi, because he’s an excellent entrepreneur, an author and a life coach, Elon Musk, because he’s Elon Musk, and Ella Mills a.k.a Deliciously Ella, because she inspires me to be the best version of myself and I admire all of her work.