Irene Hernandez

Founder and CEO, GATACA

Irene is founder and CEO of GATACA, a firm that provides an award-winning blockchain-based Digital Identity solution for the financial industry. Her mission is to enable one-click onboarding experiences and to return the control over private information back to individuals. Her vision is to create an identity layer for the internet.

She specialized in blockchain technologies while at MIT, where she researched about business applications of DLT in the energy industry.

Prior to MIT, Irene spent over 9 years at Telefónica advising U.S. and European multinational corporations on IT and Communication strategies and architecting global products. Irene also held assorted positions with Airbus and Siemens.

She holds a M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering, an Executive MBA in Aeronautics and a Postgraduate in Business Telecom.