Jaidev Janardana

CEO, Zopa

Jaidev Janardana is Chief Executive Officer of Zopa, the world’s first peer-to-peer lending company and next generation bank. For the past 16 years, Jaidev has worked to create simple, fair financial products and services for consumers by leveraging technology and analytics. 

Jaidev joined Zopa in 2014. Since then Zopa has more than quadrupled its loan volumes and revenues, achieved profitability, and secured its banking licence (with restrictions) in order to offer its customers a wider range of financial products. 

Before Zopa, Jaidev spent 12 years at Capital One both in the US and UK. He moved to the UK as the Chief Credit Officer managing credit risk through the financial crisis. Later he took on a broader role as the Chief Marketing Officer and was instrumental in returning the UK business back to profitability and growth.