Karen Elliott

Senior Lecturer/Assoc. Professor in Enterprise/Innovation (FinTech) at Newcastle University Business School.

Category: Policy Makers & Regulatory Experts.

Dr Karen Elliott is a Senior Lecturer/Assoc. Prof in Enterprise/Innovation (FinTech) at Newcastle University Business School. Her passion surrounds ‘FinTech’; a major growth industry in the UK and a burgeoning sector in the NorthEast region. Karen bridges an industrial background/academic career and co-leads with Prof van Moorsel, a £1.2m EPSRC Research Project (FinTrust) in 2018 collaborating with Durham Based nationally renowned Atom Bank on optimising FinTech services. Likewise, co-leads the FinTrust team in exploring identity verification for financial inclusion funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/Turing Institute. FinTrust examines the issue of trust, gender diversity, security and ethical AI investigating increased automation and trust engineering to deliver consumer transparency. Karen is a founding member of the movement for Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)―a fusion of ethical considerations at the individual and societal level, with recognition that technological change can spawn both utopian and dystopian futures. CDR seeks to find the balance and guide our progress toward an equitable digital society.