Kavita Reddi

Founder, Voxta

Kavita Reddi has worked at the intersection of media and technology industries. She heads business development at Voxta – an AI voice bot startup enabling banks and financial services firms to use the voice channel to interact with customers. Voxta customizes voice bots for financial services firms mobile apps and call centres, giving them control over their user data. Voxta was selected for the Lord Mayor’s fintech delegation 2019.

Before Voxta, Kavita worked at the BBC for fourteen years, heading editorial teams at BBC Newsnight (her films on BSE won Newsnight a BAFTA). She then did a Strategic Review of BBC News, and set up a digital venture for the BBC, Action Network, where she headed the editorial team for the online citizen journalism community. Kavita writes and speaks on media and technology- Voxta’s innovative ‘talk to Mr Modi’ line in the 2014 election, was dubbed a ‘Political Siri’ by TechCrunch and got millions of voters ‘quizzing’ Mr Modi about key issues.

Voxta is currently voice enabling customer acquisition for Asian banks.