Laura Coffey

Director of Policy and Strategic Accounts, Onfido

Category: Policy Makers & Regulatory Experts (Government, Regulators, Policy Advisors, Compliance Professionals)

Laura is a digital expert with an ability to blend across the public and private sector and a focus on taking new concepts to launch.

She has been at Onfido for nearly two years leading work on the future of identity. This includes new product development and running successful pilots in the FCA sandbox – in collaboration with leading UK FinTechs and blockchain startups – to prove that reusable, decentralised and user-owned identity is better for customers and businesses. In Europe, her policy work includes establishing the need for a new identity proofing standard to make it easier for customers to prove their identity and access online services, whilst raising the bar for identity verification robustness.

Prior to Onfido, Laura worked at the highest levels of government for three different administrations. She served in Blair’s Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit, Brown’s Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, and as Deputy Director of Digital in the Cabinet Office for the Coalition. Currently she’s on the Expert Trade Advisory Group on digital and telecoms, supporting the UK government to negotiate the best possible deal for tech companies.

As a woman in tech, Laura believes in being highly visible, and speaks regularly on the global stage.