Nadia Edwards-Dashti

Founder & Managing Director, Harrington Starr

Nadia co-founded the Harrington Starr Group in 2010, which has grown into the leading FinTech recruiter based in London with offices in New York, and launched their niche technology sector subsidiary, the North Starr. In fifteen years in the FST sector, she has been responsible for helping over 2000 people find jobs and has grown from a trainee to a Managing Director of a £25m turnover business. She is heavily involved in the Harrington Starr @womenoffintech campaign and runs her own successful Women of Fintech Podcast Series. She is launching a new podcast series exploring the “Maternity and Paternity of Fintech Stories” and recently created the diversity and inclusion programme ‘HSRAE-Success Is Inclusion’ as well as the STEPFORWARD programme helping companies work towards gender equality. She has a passion for helping people make the right career choices and succeed in their interviews, promotions, salary reviews and project meetings.  She speaks at universities on ‘Demystifying Fintech’ to attract the next generation to the industry.

Nadia has created numerous processes that are now known in the financial services talent attraction industry that allow all Harrington Starr Group consultants to go the extra mile for their candidates when they represent them for jobs. She wants hiring managers to invest in their staff and promotes retaining staff throughout the industry to allow for people to onboard smoothly and progress quickly. Ultimately Nadia believes in people becoming the best they can be within the industry.