Pascal Nizri

Founder & CEO, Chekk

Pascal Nizri is the Founder and CEO of Chekk, a digital identity start-up. With, individuals and businesses are empowered to own their Digital Identity and control what data they share, and companies get a secure platform for seamless data request and on-going customer interactions (inc. dynamic customer due diligence at on-boarding and KYC refresh; connectivity to people & business registries, AML lists, company hierarchies, pre-population; electronic verification of identity with OCR, Face Matching, Proof of Life and antifraud for individuals, directors and UBOs; secure data wallet and messaging for consent, data portability, alerts, statements).

Pascal has 20 years experience in the Financial Industry, having worked across geographies (France, UK, Hong-Kong, Australia, Indonesia), disciplines (strategy, business, technology, digital), and positions (including Global Chief of Staff for a large international Retail Bank; Chief Operating Officer for Retail Banking & Wealth Management and Head of Business Banking in countries; Senior Managing Director & Global Head of Transformation for a leading international Private Bank).