Shachar Bialick

CEO, Curve

Shachar Bialick is a serial entrepreneur who has worked in fast-evolving environments, developing and transforming his innovative ideas into concrete businesses. He has built and led numerous companies across several verticals including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, mobile telecommunications and more.

He prides himself on his strong ability to blend big-picture strategy with a laser focus on execution and results, along with his ability to approach problems in a highly creative fashion – finding keys to locks that other people cannot see. He brings these attributes to the Curve vision resulting in him building a successful b2b and a b2c business in 2 years as well as launching many state of the art products back to back.

Shachar has won many FinTech industry awards and regularly features in the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN and The Sunday Times. Forbes Magazine included him in the 10 UK Tech SMEs Set For The Big Time In 2018

He holds an MBA from INSEAD, LLb. in Law and Economics (Tel-Aviv University, Israel), and a B.Sc in Computer Science (Bar-Ilan, Israel). Prior to his career, Shachar served in IDF’s special forces.