Thomas Eyre

CEO & Co-Founder, LOQBOX

Tom Eyre is CEO and co-founder of LOQBOX. LOQBOX is a multi award winning financial inclusion business. They enable financially excluded consumers to build their credit history for free, improve their financial capability and build their savings. Since launching in 2017 they have helped tens of thousands people to access the financial system. By addressing a lack of opportunity, capability and resilience they enable their users to live less expensive, confusing and stressful financial lives. LOQBOX works in partnership with lenders, banks, charities and other FinTech businesses to help the financially excluded.

Tom started his financial career overseas working for an investment company in Kazakhstan and China before returning to the UK to help run a corporate financial services firm. Tom has also served in the British Army. He now combines his experiences to lead LOQBOX, alongside his co-founder Gregor Mowat, to help as many consumers as possible.