William Moore

CEO for Banking, Phinsys
William Moore is CEO of Phinsys for Banking, focusing on organic commercial growth, development of the product offering  and build out of business capability.
About Phinsys: a fast-growing Fintech developing technology that enables businesses to analyze their trade and transaction data and use it to drive integrated risk management, automated regulatory/ compliance & management reporting, front to back allocations and straight-through postings to books & records systems. In parallel it creates a data warehouse that supports advanced data analytics.
Previously, Will worked at Credit Suisse in the Global Markets division in a variety of business management roles including CFO & Business Risk and Control Officer of the Emerging Markets Group, COO of the Strategic Transactions Group and COO of Architecture, Strategy & Core Engineering.Will has also worked as an equity analyst and trader.
Will has a deep understanding of financial markets, products and a ‘front to back’ view of the industry and the challenges facing it faces in the future.