IFGS 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Joanne Smith, Group CEO, Recordsure

What is it about IFGS that brings you back every year? OR What is it about IFGS that has brought you to the event this year?
IFGS has an amazing reputation for bringing Fintechs, Corporations, Investors and Governments together in one place. It is unusual for one conference to cover such a broad range of themes.

What is the biggest change you have seen in the FinTech industry over the past 12 months? 
The speed of AI adoption has increased considerably over this period which is a great thing for the industry.

What do you believe to be the most vital implication of Brexit on UK Fintech?
Brexit will have a fundamental effect on getting the right access to talent. The government should consider this and make legislative amendments to ensure that Fintech can continue to get access to the best talent.

What are your go-to reads for industry updates and insights?
CBI insights and Venture Scanner

If you could be stuck in a lift with 3 people who would it be and why? 

  • Vin Murria – A fabulous and funny female serial entrepreneur who always has a story!
  • Sherry Coutu – Angel and serial entrepreneur. I would be building my dream team of gurus in the lift
  • Reid Hoffman –  VC and serial entrepreneur. I am fascinated by blitz scaling.