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Oval is a platform designed to tackle the global issue of financial literacy by empowering people to be wiser about their money. Oval helps users save quickly and effectively, by teaching them to monitor spending habits and by making savings automatic.

At Oval we are looking to innovate the traditional finance space with a new completely disintermediated platform for saving and investing. We believe that intermediation is over, with technology disruption, in a number of industries, replacing the middleman. We want to do the same for finance. It is an ambitious task and thus we are looking for people to join the Oval team to help make this happen. 


We want Oval champions that share the same values that we stand behind. You are hungry to change the world. You don’t think you are an expert in what we are doing but you think you will be the best one to learn it and execute it. You think global and act global. You understand that Oval needs to be the best at what it does. You lose coins all the time and are looking to find a new way to stop that. You are angry with banks for not giving you the experience you want. But most of all you believe your friends and your family will become Ovalers, and you will always be respectful, transparent and fair with them.


We believe you are a hard worker, a visionary and dreamer. We want you to think like a leader and act like an executor. We want you to have a big heart and a sharp mind.

  • You strive in a destructured startup environment and are not afraid to work remotely or across countries and are not looking for the 9 to 5 role
  • You are part qualified ACA, ACCA or CIMA and have a good understanding of the accounting standards in the UK and ideally in Italy.
  • You want to be part of the finance team, to partner with the management and advise on the financial and pricing strategies of Oval
  • You are curious to learn and hungry to grow in your role and take on responsibilities
  • You are diligent and tidy and sometimes will need to keep the team on track
  • You have been told you are an excel magician
  • You are a star at building relationships and working closely with external consultants and advisors

Other requirements a plus

  • You are comfortable talking the language of accounting software like Quickbooks or Fatture in cloud
  • You like to think of yourself as competent in the legal field within the world of IT (let’s talk Privacy Policy and much more…)
  • Italian and/or other European languages

Oval Perks

You will be part of a team of serial entrepreneurs with a global market experience in building tech startups and you will have the opportunity to change the financial market, by bringing better education and inclusion. You will be able to work from our London office and will be working with an international and diverse team of people that together have the mission to change the financial world forever.

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