10x Future Technologies


Banking, Enterprise Software, Data and Analytics


10x Future Technologies will offer banks a secure, cloud-based operating system with advanced database design and data modelling services with a modular construction and open APIs. Its technology will enable a single point of entry for other financial technology providers to engage with banks through a secure connection.

10x is creating a new banking ecology. It is a full enterprise grade banking technology platform that finds, organises, sorts and distributes financial data, to create insight and foresight. The 10x technology platform allows access to data that exists somewhere currently but which cannot be utilised because it is fragmented and disintegrated. The platform enables customer data to be used to provide actionable insights generating more efficient operating models for banks, as well as cheaper and better customer experiences.

Team Members

Antony Jenkins

Founder & Executive Chair, 10x Future Technologies

Tam Holmes

Chief Client Officer, 10x Future Technologies

Neil Drennan

Chief Technology Officer, 10x Future Technologies


Addressing Legacy Challenges – A Core Issue For Banks