Category: Startup

Vertical: Data and Analytics; Financial Education and Inclusion



AdviceRobo offers financials and their clients tools and technology to reduce financial stress.

AdviceRobo is European leader in advanced machine learning based risk prevention. AdviceRobo offers financial services providers and their clients tools and technology to reduce financial stress, by addressing both risks as well as offering opportunities to achieve financial goals. The solutions are derived off and powered by AdviceRobo Engine: an artificial intelligence platform that combines data from structured and social sources with behavioural analytics, reporting and gamification elements to create an easy to use 21st century solution fit for today’s social, business and behavioural context. The platform offers an intelligent dashboard for financial services providers that collects data from over 1,000 data points together with an activation tool for their customers, the Agent. Current solutions include AdviceRobo Risk, which addresses the current lending issues such as payday loans, mortgages, personal loans, purchase loans ‘ providing advice on which risks to accept, monitor and prevent from default. The AdviceRobo platform operates in a SaaS environment and is currently live at 7 clients in the Netherlands and Belgium. The company was founded in 2013 and employs 20 FTE with an academic IT, psychology, AI, machine learning, big data and gamification background. The company operates out of Amsterdam (HQ), London and San Francisco.