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AltFi Data Analytics provides investors with an essential set of tools to track the performance of lending platforms by sourcing loan-by-loan cash flows from originators. This allows analysis to be applied uniformly across originators and compared within an institutional grade analysis package. As an independent third-party analytics vendor, investors can have confidence in the credibility of the resultant asset performance metrics.

AltFi Data Analytics also allows originators to present their lending track record to a consistent industry standard. Using loan-by-loan cash flows AltFi Data can derive comparable performance metrics to allow like-for-like analysis. As an independent third party analytics vendor, AltFi Data provides originators with a platform to disclose loan data for the independent verification of asset performance. In turn, investors can efficiently access a credible source of data for due diligence.

AltFi Data has created a bespoke methodology to track market place lending returns using the Liberum AltFi Returns Index. This same methodology is used to generate platform –level net returns and enable investors to make like-for-like comparisons. This time-weighted series is adjusted for fees, defaults and recoveries.

Team Members

David Stevenson

Executive Director, AltFi

Daniel Lanyon

Editor, AltFi

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