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BBD is a fast growing Fintech company in China, a leading provider of big data solutions, and the founding member of COSR, the industrial standard of commercial big data.

BBD is headquartered in Chengdu, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guiyang, as well as a branch in Singapore to cover the rest of Asia. The incorporation of BBD London, a UK registered company would set our footsteps into the heartland of the global financial center, enabling us to combine our knowledge in China with the rest of the world, and articulate state-of-the-art applications for financial usage at all levels on a global scale.

Our team in China consists of more than 300 high-caliber experts from the US, Europe and China. We have a well established client base in China, from banks, securities firms to insurance companies and other professional services companies. Our strategic partners include Caixin, a leading Chinese financial news company, Santai Holding, a Shenzhen Stock Exchange listed technology firm, and Forbes China etc. We have also developed in-depth relationships with a number of leading universities and research labs inside and outside of China.

We are committed to providing reliable business data services to finance, business and related agencies, so as to improve their efficiency of decision-making. We will make sure that you will get effective information from heterogeneous data of multiple sources, easy and convenient.