Capital on Tap

High Growth Innovator

Business Lending


Capital on Tap is one of the biggest and fastest-growing alternative SME lenders in the UK. Since its launch in 2012, Capital on Tap has strived to challenge major banks and traditional lenders, by offering small businesses a faster and more transparent way to access funds. As a result, Capital on Tap has now helped over 100,000 UK SMEs by providing them with funds worth over £1.7 billion. The company has also successfully expanded into Spain. 

With a 2-minute application, instant credit decision and same-day access to funds, Capital on Tap offers its customers flexible business funding solutions vital to maintaining their cash flow. 

The company also provide its small businesses with a business credit card that comes with several features such as free cards for employees, integrations with customer’s business accounting software, card-level spend controls and leading cashback and rewards programmes allowing them to borrow funds with all the benefits of a payment system that they previously found hard to access. 

Team Members

David Luck

CEO, Capital on Tap

Damian Brychcy

COO, Capital on Tap

Alan Hart

CFO, Capital on Tap