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causaLens is an industry leader in time-series and causality.

Our Causal AI product specialises in time-series and became the industry standard in finance. 

Example use-cases:

– Autonomously discover and backtest predictive signals

– Automatically evaluate (alternative) datasets

– Autonomously discover & productise predictive models and strategies 

All our models are infused with causality that prevents spurious correlations and overfitting.

vision = global_economy.predict().optimize()

causaLens is pioneering a completely new approach to time-series prediction. Its Enterprise Platform is used to transform and optimise businesses that need accurate and robust predictions – including significant businesses in finance, IoT, energy and telecoms. Almost all current machine learning approaches, including AutoML solutions, severely overfit on time-series problems and therefore fail to unlock the true potential of AI for the enterprise. causaLens was founded with the mission to devise Causal AI, which does not overfit, and so provides far more reliable and accurate predictions. The platform also includes capabilities such as autonomous data cleaning and searching, autonomous model discovery and end-to-end streaming productisation.

 causaLens is on a mission to build truly intelligent machines that go beyond current machine learning approaches – a curve-fitting exercise. Devising Causal AI has allowed us to teach machines cause and effect for the first time – a major step towards true AI.

Team Members

Apostolos Lymperis

Director of Growth, causaLens

Katrina Krivenko

Head of Operations and Partnerships, causaLens