Clarida Technologies

Category: Startup

Vertical: Data and Analytics



With over 10 years of experience in Data Science, research and development, Clarida Technologies offers the most innovative data-discovery software available on the market.

Our product has been developed out of necessity and takes on real-life problems. This is not just an analysis, this is an explorative process to discover new, hidden or unknown knowledge.

Our mission has been to help modern organizations and businesses to leverage their data, gain new insights and drive positive changes while saving significant amounts of capital through advanced Data Discovery. The results impact not only the organizations that use our software but more importantly directly improve the lives of people.

Unlike most data-analysis software packages available on the market, we take a radically different approach to data analysis. We place the human domain expert at the core of our product instead of trying to fully automate data analysis. Through the powerful combination of our Data Discovery software and experience of the domain expert, we can fully leverage this unique knowledge.

Our software has been empirically validated with great success in a variety of domains: Government, Healthcare, Business and Industry.