FinTech Circle


Angel Network

FINTECH Circle works with the most innovative and disruptive brands in financial technology and connects them with senior thought leaders and financiers in London’s City and Canary Wharf. Banks and insurance companies see technologies emerging that will change their own business for the better.

FINTECH Circle is an angel network which enables emerging financial technology firms to execute their vision and to successfully expand their FINTECH businesses. The most senior Directors and successful entrepreneurs in the Financial Services sector will be empowered to make a real difference by adding strategic value both as angel investors and/or Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) to the game-changing innovators of the future.

FINTECH Circle brings together a group of senior Directors, Managing Directors, Owners and Partners of Financial Services firms who share a common interest in Financial Services Technology (“FINTECH”) and want to get personally involved either by sharing their vast finance experience with innovative FINTECH firms and/or by becoming private angel investors. FINTECH Circle members will be invited to exclusive FINTECH and angel investment education seminars and to events where FINTECH firms present themselves, their business models and technologies. FINTECH Circle will enable you to build a portfolio of investments in emerging FINTECH businesses with our range of partners.

Our members are senior leaders in Financial Services with unique skills and many years of expertise across Investment Banking, Asset Management, Transaction Banking, Wholesale and/or Retail Banking and Insurance. We believe that syndication of angel deals and sharing of information and experience among our members whose skills and experience complement each other, puts us in a unique position to review new FINTECH opportunities together and select the best as a team.

Team Members

Susanne Chishti

CEO, Fintech Circle


Reinventing Mutual Investing with AI


IFGS 2019 Speaker Spotlight: Susanne Chishti, Chief Executive Officer, FINTECH Circle