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Kene Partners is a specialist R&D Tax Consultancy that believes in superb client service delivered through a blend of talent and technology.

Already claiming R&D tax?
Take advantage of our free claim review service and book to have a visit from one of our consultants. We’ll analyse the claim for errors, omissions and risk areas. If you decide to go ahead we only charge on the additional tax benefit you receive.

Not claiming R&D tax and wondering what all the fuss is about?
You’ve probably had calls and emails about this but never given it much thought. It might be worth looking over with one of our consultants to see if you stand to gain from the legislation. If you are employing technical people, directly or through contractors who are working to improve your products, processes or capabilities then it is likely to be a worthwhile conversation.

Team Members

Tonye Vianana

Head of Finance, Kene Partners

Adam Kene

Managing Director, Kene Partners


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