KiteEdge Ltd


Enterprise Software, Other

15 St Botolph St, Spitalfields, London EC3A 7BB

KiteEdge is building the next generation of enterprise search, specifically targeted to the Asset Management Industry. Our SAAS Platform, APEX, consumes financial research – produced by both independent researchers and the large financial institutes – and co-mingles with news, internal documents, emails, and other forms of unstructured content.

Content is indexed, tagged and processed by our semantic analysis engine (NLP & modified Okapi algorithms) to build industry data and relationship models in the form of knowledge graphs. These graphs are used to facilitate machine augmented intelligence that helps asset managers make investment decisions.

Benefits move beyond productivity and finding insight to include: simplified MiFID II compliance reporting; research consumption metrics for vendor management/strategic decision making; improved research evaluation/bench-marking capabilities; and critically, the discovery and interpretation of new relationships that can help individuals/teams to create alpha.

Team Members

James Flavin

CEO & Founder, KiteEdge

Derek Ewing

Chief Technology Officer, KiteEdge