Financial Education and Inclusion


Knoma is the payment solution enabling lifelong learning as the global economy shifts to one where digital skills are critical for career success.

We help people to future-proof their career or move into new areas of work by firstly reducing the barrier of upfront payment, and secondly removing the difficulty of sourcing an appropriate course. Estimates suggest 52% of the global workforce will need to be significantly re-trained by 2022 with the digital skills gap is set to cost the G20 economies $11.5 trillion of lost GDP growth.

Knoma is built upon the firm belief that lifelong education is critical to ensure our users’ future prosperity. All Knoma students can gain access up to £10,000 to pay for the course of their choice, and this cost can then be spread over 12 months with flexible repayments with no interest or fees applicable.

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Team Members

Joe Barbour

Head of Product, Knoma

Brett Shanley

CEO & Founder, Knoma


Knoma, a UK start-up that offers finance for people looking to digitally upskill, has launched after raising more than £21 million in investment