Knoma, the Knowledge Market,  offers a payment solution and marketplace for lifelong education. Our vision is to revolutionise access to data, digital and futuristic short courses. We exist to mitigate against the ever growing digital skills gap as the workplace moves into a digital / data economy. Recent reports from Accenture suggest the digital skills gap could cost UK GDP almost £142bn over the next 10 years, whilst also resulting in nearly 60% of the global workforce needing to be retrained by 2030. Our users gain access to a £10k revolving wallet, which can be used for the purchase of education via our marketplace or via our partner websites. Our product, housed within an App, is completely free to the end users (i.e the borrower) with no interest or fees applicable. It allows users to consume the education, whilst spreading the cost over 12 months. Knoma is working with a number of leading coding schools and tech providers. Explore more at

Team Members

Joe Barbour

Head of Product, Knoma

Brett Shanley

CEO & Founder, Knoma

Upcoming Events

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