Mazepoint Ltd


Data and Analytics

Mazepoint helps its customers gather performance data and use it to reveal insights and solve problems that drive growth and profitability, adding measurable value to activities and users across the organisation.

We offer flexible budgeting, planning and reporting solutions as well as powerful analytical tools and have highly experienced specialists that have consulted and implemented these solutions in across a number of leading global organisations.

If you’re looking for an experienced team to deliver end-to-end business intelligence solutions, Mazepoint is the company of choice. We have successfully implemented a wide-range of reporting and analytics systems including enterprise data warehouses, departmental data marts, operational reporting applications, and dashboards/scorecards. We’ve helped our customers design and deliver reports, dashboards, scorecards and other output for the web and mobile devices that are informative, appealing, and easily understood by their chosen audiences, enabling both individuals and organisations to make better data-driven decisions.

Providing services on both an outsourced and project-specific basis since 1998, we count major international corporates such as Toyota and Mercedes-Benz among our customers.

Team Members

Tracy Ellam

Director, Mazepoint

James Noble

Managing Director at Mazepoint