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Molo is the UK’s first, fully-digital mortgage lender. With real-time lending decisions, via a seamless online journey, we are re-imagining forever how you get a mortgage. Our range of simple and straightforward buy-to-let mortgages are available now, but we won’t stop there.
In a world where people have forever changed how they listen to music, watch films, and shop, the world of financial services came late to the digital revolution. One by one though customers are embracing new ways to manage their money, save their pennies, and plan their financial futures. Getting a mortgage was still stuck in the dark ages – until now.
Molo exists to fix what is broken in the mortgage market: cumbersome, slow processes, become fast, decisions; weeks of waiting only to be rejected, becomes transparency of eligibility and decisioning; and high costs and tricksy incentives, become fair value, with low fees and no hidden charges.

Team Members

Terry McParlane

Chief Marketing Officer, Molo Finance

Francesca Carlesi

Founder & CEO, Molo


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