Banking, Money Transfers and FX, Payments

Monobank is the first mobile bank in Ukraine. Without physical branches, we are able to offer customers the most favourable terms on the market. As a result of implementing this model, within our first year of operations, we have attracted more than 600,000 clients, and have become one of the ten largest banks in Ukraine. In 2018 Monobank received several awards: – Success of the year by MasterCard Ukraine – Neo-bank of the year on the FinAwards – Breakthrough of the Year by E-commerce Awards In 2019 we hope to exceed 1,000,000 customers, as well as launching another bank with a similar business model in the UK.

Team Members

Misha Rogalskiy

Co-Founder, Monobank

Dima Dubilet

Co-Founder, Monobank

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