Nineteen21 Ltd is the company behind, the UK’s first and only Check and Challenge website for everyday household bills. The site was created to expose and tackle the Loyalty Penalty, in which loyal customers are overcharged for service such as broadband, energy, mobile and breakdown. For the first time it allows consumers to check whether they are overpaying, by showing them how their price compares to what other people like them pay the same provider for the same package. 

Then, if people see they aren’t getting a fair deal, it helps them challenge their existing supplier to give them a fairer deal for staying with them, rather than needing to switch. Already ismybillfair has helped thousands of UK consumers, many of whom have had hundreds of pounds a year slashed from their bill!

Already we have had over 100k users through the site, and have generated some fantastic press and broadcast coverage. We have been working with both Citizens Advice and the CMA on the investigation into the “Loyalty Penalty” super-complaint, and have provided detailed pricing data to the CMA for use in their investigation. With the report publication imminent, we are planning to scale up in H1 2019 and are seeking investment.

We are also developing partnerships with media, banking and finance organisations. Not only do we deliver a unique engagement tool, and a solution to what is now a very topical issue, we can generate valuable insights for our partners. 

Team Members

Peter Scott

Chairman, ismybillfair

Graham Barrett

Co-Founder and COO,

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