Launched in 2011, NorthRow is the only comprehensive risk scoring platform that can handle complex multi-source fraud detection and compliance checks on people, companies and ID documents at high speed, delivered in a single view, through one easily-integrated API.

NorthRow combines data from a broad range of commercial, open source and law enforcement sources with a proprietary risk scoring system to reduce the risk of fraud and make compliance checks and processes, such as AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer), as frictionless as possible.

NorthRow delivers a comprehensive and holistic view of both people and companies, so that regulated and risk-conscious firms can instantly make crucial, data-driven decisions about how and with whom they do business.

If you would like to learn more, please go to follow us on @NorthRowChecks or email or call +44 (0) 1235 375000.

Team Members

Vanessa Richards

Chief Product Officer, NorthRow

Adrian Black

Founder & Chief Executive, NorthRow


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