Nucoro is Wealth Management as a Service.

The Nucoro Wealth Engine empowers businesses to build and scale the financial services of the future. By offering modular API solutions to streamline end-to-end journeys across back / middle / front-office functions, and custom integrations for more targeted approaches, Nucoro builds technology for businesses to work with new customers and cut out time-consuming admin. Those we partner with are therefore able to the time to focus on the things that make their work truly worthwhile.

We partner with wealth managers, banks, adviser networks, insurance providers, and other institutional clients to streamline end-to-end journeys across the back/middle/ front office functions. Our technology is modular, API-based and fully customisable, creating a simple way to integrate with existing infrastructures. We accommodate models ranging from end-to-end white labelling to co-branded partnerships and custom integrations.

In May 2018, we launched an investment platform, the first of its kind as a fully AI-powered wealth manager. Sitting behind the award-winning platform, the Nucoro Wealth Engine allowed every client’s portfolio to be completely unique, built around their goals, and managed daily for a fixed, low-cost fee. After only a year, Exo Investing has already won two industry awards, selected as one of the UK’s most disruptive companies in two different indexes and named a finalist in two outstanding technology platform offerings.  

Team Members

Lennart Asshoff

Founder & CEO, Nucoro

Melanie Palmer

CMO, Nucoro


“Dog” funds are the product of their owners


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