Banking, SME Financing (Other)

Founded by Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman, OakNorth is the next-generation credit platform that is redefining lending to small and medium-sized businesses globally.

Its platform helps its partners (banks and lending institutions around the world) better serve growing businesses seeking loans of $1-25M. It supplements the traditional method of backward-looking historical analysis with technology and massive data sets, to model a forward-looking view that’s informed by industry benchmarks, macroeconomic drivers, and scenario analysis specific to each business. This allows its partners to make more informed credit decisions and structure loans that meet the specific needs of each customer, with lower costs and better economics.

The OakNorth journey began with the launch of OakNorth Bank in the UK in 2015 which lends to small and medium sized businesses. The bank has helped prove the value of the platform and its unique credit underwriting approach. To date, the bank has lent several billion pounds and has had several hundred million pounds of repayments, maintaining one of the best asset quality metrics across the banking industry.

With over a $1bn in capital raised so far from investors such as SoftBank’s Vision Fund, Clermont, GIC and some of the world’s most successful business men and women, OakNorth is one of the most well-capitalised FinTechs in the world.

Team Members

Valentina Kristensen

Director of Growth & Communications, OakNorth

Rishi Khosla

CEO, OakNorth


OakNorth Bank to appoint industry heavyweight, Rajesh Gupta, as CFO, who is to join from Kensington Mortgages