Oval Money

Category: Startup

Vertical: Peer-to-Peer Lending; Personal Financial Management



Oval is an online community. We enable people to gain financial knowledge while connecting to each other with a help of a smartphone app. With Oval, setting money aside will become easier, and tracked simply, through analytics and personalisation, that empower and motivate to be money wise. Oval provides easy to read, readily available information on everyday expenses. By connecting with any bank account or card, Oval can aggregate, categorize and simplify the user-unfriendly confusing information from bank statements.

Given every great achievement starts from a beginning, Oval allows users to set a number of steps, personalized pledges that automatically assigns a microtransaction to a spending or behavioural habit. Every week the app automatically uses the steps and creates a saving balance that will be moved weekly into a personal, 100% guaranteed and secure digital wallet. The savings accumulated in the wallet will be available to users to withdraw at anytime, but keeping them away will open a whole set of possible solutions to enrich the financial profile of the users.